West Givens


Our fearless leader, who happens to be quite scared of a LOST reboot, hails from a small town in Mississippi. Aren’t all towns in Mississippi small? Yeah, I guess so. I mean, it’s all relative, y’know?

He has the lowest spice tolerance in the world and no, “West” isn’t short for anything.



Cara Engh


Frequent collaborator and person-who-cried-while-meeting-Rashida-Jones, Cara is from Florida. But we promise she’s not crazy! Just crazy about Rashida Jones’s documentaries.

She prides herself on having a much higher spice tolerance than our founder.



Brooks McMahon


Here’s the thing, we all love Brooks. It’s one of our two Universal Truths here at Tungsten Originals. The other one is that we know you’ll love him too. (Full disclosure: Brooks didn’t write this, because that would suck. West wrote this, but he speaks for all of us in this case.)

Brooks is from New Orleans, because of course he is.



Hunter Hill

behind-the-scenes photographer

Hunter is our photographer, which makes sense because he’s shot basically every picture on this website (except this one which was shot by West). Hunter’s also from Mississippi, but he talks about it a lot less than West does. It’s probably his most redeeming quality.